Welcome to Village Panchayat Poriem

Representing the Poriem and Podocem revenue villages

Located in the Sattari Taluka of North Goa district, the villages of Poriem (a.k.a. Parye) and Podocem (a.k.a. Podoshe) are blessed by nature with beautiful, scerene and lush green surroundings. Our panchayat represents many wards (a.k.a Waddos) such as Ranewada, Ambeshiwada, Guravwada, Gosawiwada, Tamidguiwada, Chinchwada, Tulshimala, Mathwada, Gholwada, Majikwada, Sawantwada, Mhalshewada are from Poriem and Talapwada, Madhlawada, Dhatwada, Zariwada and Vazarwada from Podocem village

The river Valvanti flows through our panchayat area providing us and other parts of Taluka the perennial source of water. The village economy is primarily run on Agriculture and small scale businesses. We have good educational facilities starting from Primary to Higher Secondary and we also have prestigious Goa Institute of Management in our area

As per the 2011 census data, population of our village is 5156 with 2651 Male and 2505 females. Our panchayat area is well connected by road. Around 40km away from Panjim city. state Highway SH1 also provides connectivity to Belgavi city. Our panchayat area shares its boundary with other villages likes Karapur, Harvalem, Honda, Morlem and Ravan of Sattari Taluka and also shares some with Aai village of Dodamarg Maharashtra.